Unique Experiences

Unique experiences

Welcome experiences

1. Welcome, museum and fine dining

You are welcomed at Achillium Palace with a glass of champagne to have a full private presentation of the life of Sisy and her palace history. A gourmet dinner follows at the palace terrace under the stars.

4 course menu
Starting time: 8.30 pm
Duration: approximately 4 hours
Minimum of participants: 4 prs
Maximum of participants: 12 prs
Venue: Achillium Palace

2. Welcome, traditional country house, short cooking lesson and dinner

Every Monday and Wednesday at 6.30 pm at a country house in Poulades village, you are welcome with a glass of wine following to visit a house of traditional corfiot history, while a presentation of the agricultural products of the island completes your knowledge of the country life of Corfu.

You will enjoy cooking one dish of the proposed 3 courses menus that you will of course afterwards taste. Below follows an indicating menu that can change through the season.

Starting time: 6.30 pm
Duration: approximately 3 hours
Minimum of participants: 4 prs
Maximum of participants: 12 prs
Venue: Poulades

Different option can be offered any day during the week except weekends upon request.

3. Welcome, wines and Corfiot cheese tasting

Every Tuesday at 6.00 pm a wine tasting of 3 different local wineries of Corfu is offered at your place with the most representative wine of Corfu vineyards. With all our knowledge about Corfu's unique terroir, climate and different vinification methods will travel you to all Corfiot wine secrets.

Have an amazing experience without move at all from your villa.

It is not secret that Corfu island has history that dates back to the ancient times and the famous kakotriyis, a Corfiot grape variety.

You are going to love wine tasting in Corfu it's a must.

You will also have a large selection of Corfiot products as an offer or you can even book a proper dinner or lunch with it.

Starting time: 6.00 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Minimum of participants: 4 prs
Maximum of participants: 12 prs
Venue: your villa

4. Welcome and all inclusive cooking course

Every Monday and Friday we welcome you at Poulades country house with fresh juice, coffee and traditional Greek cookies. Vasso Avgerinou gives an introductory lecture to the cuisine of Corfu island, as well as to the unique local products of our island.

Starting time: 10.30 am
Duration: 5 hours
Minimum of participants: 4 prs
Maximum of participants: 12 prs
Venue: Poulades country house

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Thematic cooking classes

Monday: Corfu wines, cheese and salami: Get familiar with Corfiot wines and greek cheeses.

Tuesday: Corfu vegetables and Corfiot olive extra virgin oil

Wednesday: Corfiot premium products from small producers and meze (mini appetizers)

Thursday: Pastas and pies: Learn about Corfiot handmade pastas and make traditional pie (spinach pie, cheese pie etc) after you have made your own phyllo pastry.

Friday: Fish and seafood: Cooking traditional techniques

Theory and tasting: At about 13.00 the real action begins. Hands on cooking of four different recipes following the chef's instructions and associated with the theme of the day will introduce to you the secrets of the local cuisine by Efi, our chef.

After we have prepared the dishes at about 2.00 pm you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours with wine pairing of delicious wines from Corfu.

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Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting seminars is all about the experience of tasting and discovering one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil seminars welcome you to this tasty and soulful journey.


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